The Duration Extension Of Receiving Finance Grants Applicants

The committee of the finance grants for female students project approved the extension of the duration, during their meeting on Thursday 21st 2016, for more three days.

Mr. Suliman Alssamady, the projects of Bena responsible, has clarified that the duration has been extended till Mon 25th Apr 2016, hoping that such an extension will provide more chances for more female applicants.
He added “the extension was decided according to many requirements received by the committee to finish receiving the documents process and giving a chance to complete the university procedures due to the difficulty faced”. On the other hand, Ms Rahmah Alaghbary, a member of the committee, that there were students moved from the Medicine college to Alhekmah University temporarly, in which they have the right to apply for such a finance grant, and their files will be received as reserve category. She indicated that those students should complete their papers and finish the procedures before 25th of next Apr.

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