Forum On The Arabian Orphan Day

Through the Arabian orphan day activities, Almawasset Committee of Bena Charity conducted a forum for orphans and their mothers in Alfalah School – Alayen.

During the forum, the participants talked about the big role of the society in providing services and human aids for orphan category, assuring that this category is blessed and worthy to be given very good care and concern. They have addressed some of the big patterns of intellectuals, scientists, businessmen…used to have something in common, which is, orphanship . All of them lost their fathers and became without a supporter, and they were left like a solider without a weapon, like a captain without a ship, facing all difficulties during their lives, however they put all those behind and got rid of any hinders they might have. They believed that they were born to face and succeed, not to stop everything and get failed, so they made it and became very famous and helped their societies to go on and succeed.
A lot of orphans and their mothers attended the forum conducted by Bena Charity.