Taiz In A Year

Taiz Bena Charity for Human Development issued on Monday a report on humanitarian situation in Taiz city during the war, starting in April 2015 until the mid of march 2016.

It includes numbers and statistics related to the loose of human and materials that have been certified by the events in the city, hence 6 main aspects have been discussed. The first one was the general situation in Yemen, then the economic, health, education, service and displaced people issue. What’s more, the report has indicated that 1903 of people were killed and 11027 were injured because of the war launched by Saleh’s and Alhuthy’s forces on Taiz city for a year .Different weapons, between heavy and medium, which have been used, targeting residential buildings by sniping and shelling randomly. According to the statistics, men have been the first among numbers of victims as the number reached 1538 who were murdered, and 9677 were injured. What’s more, children have been the second affected category as 211 were killed and 880 were injured; whereas, 129 of women were killed and 470 were injured. These numbers and statistics came according to the record of cases received by some hospitals. However, over tens of cases still haven’t been recorded due to the difficulty of reaching hospitals or due to the very poor areas. The report talked about the economical aspect as it has been ever the worst situation the city has rather than any other cities due to the siege imposed by Saleh’s and Alhuthy’s forces from different entrances to Taiz city. Not only the siege did increase the people sufferance, but also the lack of materials in the markets and prices are crazily increased as in some cases the prices reached to % 500 double of the main price. Regarding the health aspect, 90% of hospitals and health centers have been closed because of direct shooting on them and lack of essential materials such as oxygen tubes, oil products and dialysis centers. Moreover, these service buildings became used as military barracks, so it was difficult to people to reach them in which it affected negatively on heath sector. As a result, Bena Charity has issued a report, indicating the huge deterioration in the educational sector at all levels, starting from basic education to technical institutes and reaching universities, so all those reasons affected negatively on education in the governorate. The report indicated that the process of education resumed gradually by opening new apartments and buildings where haven’t furnished yet and divided them to classes of basic levels by both youths and private initiatives. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the services of water and electricity was still out of service in the city, besides the lack of the most important services due to the imposed siege by Saleh’s and Alhuthy’s on the entrances of the city as 70 of displaced inhabitants were forced to move to other secure places. Bena Charity participated in finding a solution for the bad humanitarian situation caused by this war. Bena conducted through a partnership with local and international organizations relief projects such as ( water, building materials and food) to the affected and displaced people in 11 districts of Taiz city through 18 stages as 19,755 families and 118,530 individuals got an advantage with a total amount of 281,388,660 Yemeni Riyals as such emergency relief process are still conducted in collaboration and coordination with donors ,international and local organization so far.
Finally, we would like to finish the report with the conclusion of presenting the main needs of Taiz province, which come under four main scopes, as they are the emergency and urgent needs and what it requires after the war. Each scope contains many detailed projects, which will submitted to the authorities concerned later on.

To download the report in Arabic, press here https://www.benaye.org/up/taiz2015.pdf
To download the report in English, press here https://www.benaye.org/up/taizen2015.pdf