Distributing Basket Foods In Maweyah District.

Bena Charity for Human Development continues distributing basket foods for affected inhabitants in the villages of Maweyah District, funded by King Salman Center for Relief, and supervised

by the Coalition of Humanitarian Relief – Taiz.
Maweyah district has been given about 4500 food baskets, followed-up by Bena Charity (Region Supervisor), conducted by Aleatisam Association, Alssalam Association, and Social Heyabah Association. These associations distributed the food baskets in (Shawkan , Baher, Omamah, Henkah, Awgooh, Thabah, Alshameyrah, Alashgoor, Alhawanebah, Alqabah, Alserar) under a Distributing Project of 100000 food baskets for Taiz districts.
This Distributing Project of 100000 food baskets for Taiz districts, is considered one of the most important projects, offered by King Salman Center and the International Islamic Relief Authority, for the affected people in Taiz province, due to the war and siege.