Bena Charity Sign A Partnership Contract With (Pure Hnads)

A collaboration and partnership agreement has been signed between Bena Charity for Human Development, represented by Mr. Tareq Alhammady – the Executvie Manager –

and Pure Hands Organization, represented by Dr. Abdulmageed Mosa Alshoaiby – the Office Manager of the organization in Yemen. The agreement justifies that Bena Charity for Human Development is the main responsible of running and conducting the projects of the Pure Hands Organization in Taiz, professionally and according to the standards of humanitarian work.
It is worthy to mention that Bena Charity conducted relief projects during the last two years in collaboration and coordination with Pure Hands Organization. Pure Hands Organization was established in United States in 2012 as a non-government voluntary and charity foundation, supporting the humanitarian issue in Yemen and inside the United States of America and considered as communication link among the donors and the beneficiaries. It works in several fields, such as; Humanitarian Development, Water, Health, Social and Relief fields.