Chairman Of Bena Charity Participated In Alddaoha Conference

Dr. Abdulkareem Shamsan – the chairman of Bena Charity for Human Development – participated in Alddaoha conference ” Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen…Challenges and the Human Response

Horizons”, organized by Qatar Charity Association with a participation of 13 humanitarian, regional and international organizations, with the attendance of Yemeni Government delegation and more than 90 regional and international humanitarian organizations besides more than 150 experts and specialties in Relief and Human fields.
The conference aimed at unifying the visions of the active partners, regarding the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, exchanging information’s and boosting mechonizms which are followed and related to the affected people needs according to the type of need as well as classifying the geographic areas and improving the work plans and initiatives among the partners.
The conference succeeded in Yemen by collecting about 223 millions dollar, 117 millions were offered by Qatari Institutions. Qatar Charity allocated 100 millions dollar to cover the humanitarian needs of Yemen for three years.
Aljazeerah News and Aljazeerah Mubasher made an interview with Dr. Abdulkareem Shamsan, talking about the humanitarian situations in Taiz and the difficulties and hinders faced, clarifying the data and numbers of the disaster in Taiz upon all levels due to the war have been started for three months and still goes on.