Bena “Distributing Housing Items For Displaced People”

09 Feb 2016
Bena Charity for Human Development in coordination with Coalition Humanitarian Relief in Taiz continues distributing the emergency relief aids, including the distribution of housing items for

displaced people in Taiz.
In collaboration with the support of UNHCR, the project was conducted with Humanitarian Forum – Sana’a Office – as 6000 displaced families were targeted during the Phase 1. The project was launched in Jabal Habashi, Almaafer and Almawaset districts; while during the coming days the project will be conducted in Alqaherah, Saluh, Almodhaffar, Mashra’ah, Hadnan and Almawadem districts as well, in order to participate in reducing the sufferance of displaced people through providing them with the daily needs which the nature of the exceptional conditions they live in may require. These housing items include (Mattress, Blankets, Mats, pails, Kitchenware).