BCFHD and the Cleaning Fund launch the activity of “Sweeping campaigns” in Taiz Governorate

Funded by YHF and implemented by BCFHD, the Executive Director of BCFHD, and the Director of the Cleaning Fund in Taiz, launched the activity of “Sweeping Campaigns” in the presence of the Director of SAL and other key figures form relevant authorities.

Al-Hammadi said: The campaigns to sweep garbage in the city will be carried out daily for a period of 3 months, in coordination with the Cleaning Fund in Taiz.

He added: This activity comes one day after the inauguration of the activity of “Cleaning Manholes and rehabilitation of sewage” in Salh and Al-Mudhaffar Districts, noting that there are many other activities within WASH project that BCFHD will implement later in coordination relevant authorities.

The project manager, Mutahar Al-Shamiri, explained that the garbage sweeping activity is implemented through the cash-for-work mechanism by 420 of fund’s workers and field observers who were selected according to the selection criteria where BCFHD supports them with cash incentives, sweeping tools and cleaning materials during the project period.