BCFHD Monthly Briefing – November 2021

– BCFHD distributes 8 water tanks with a capacity of 1500 liters to the IDP sites in Salh and Al-Mudhaffar districts. These tanks are among 91 water-distribution points, will be filled daily with drinking water within the next 3 months.

– BCFHD distributes tomato production inputs to 100 farmers, in addition to distributing 5 irrigation networks, as part of the project of “Supporting the Resilience of Vulnerable HHs” in the field of agricultural livelihoods and food security in Al-Shamayatayn District, Taiz Governorate.

– BCFHD trained 26 volunteers on community awareness and health education within the activities of the WASH Project in the districts of Salh and Mudhaffar in Taiz Governorate.

– Four thousand displaced women and girls benefited from the “Clothes Distribution” Project in the districts of Sabir Al-Muwadim, Salh, and Al Shamayatayn in Taiz Governorate.

BCFHD trained 60 volunteers in the field of Shelter and CCCM within the project implemented in the districts of Salh and Maqbna in Taiz governorate.

Preparations for the training of 180 female students from the scientific faculties of the Universities of Aden and Abyan on scientific research using technology within the project “Engage her with Technology to Promote Peace”, after completing coordination with the relevant authorities.

– BCFHD distributed 142 psychological support kits for students, and 60 hygiene kits for male and female teachers at Al-Amal Center for the Disabled Rehabilitation.

– BCFHD disburses the second round of cash incentives to volunteer teachers who were previously included in a training program, targeting 170 female teachers and 30 male teachers in 13 schools, as part of the activities of the project of “Improving Access to Safe Education” implemented in Salh district.