“Bena Charity” Issuing Its Report Of 2015


Bena Charity issued the final report of 2015, as it presented the most activities and projects and what have been achieved during 2015.

The report addressed a detail statement about the projects and their costs, the number of beneficiaries, displaced people, sustained orphans, students of superiority centers and needy families besides the beneficiaries of the education projects and training and qualifying programs. Dr. Abdulkareem Shamsan, the chairman of the charity, has expressed great thanks and gratefulness to all loyal and honesty men and the donors either local or international organizations who contributed with their efforts and funding to the Charity projects, particularly during the hard conditions that Yemen faces. He said, “I am so pleased to take you in a tour between numbers and data of the report which present the effective results of the Charity progress during a year, changing what have been faced by challenges and difficulties to a successful seeds of development community.

He added” the system of the activities of Bena Charity during 2015 has been varied as it focused on education projects at the first quarter, before the war stat, and it changed directly to the relief and sessional projects to cover the real needs which came along with the tragedy situations that Yemen faces currently.
The charity has been concerned on the empowering projects of orphans, which were conducted at the end of 2015, and it will continue God willing.
Dr. Shamsan finished his statement “ I don’t want to forget thanking and appreciating all the staff of Bena and everyone has cooperated with it for their sincere efforts to help in the development and services progress, calling on the white hands and mercy hearts to continue supporting and boosting the Charity to perform its responsibilities and extend its humanitarian umbrella.