BCFHD distributes tomato production inputs to 100 farmers in Ash-Shamayatayn District

Funded by FAO, BCFHD inaugurated the distribution of tomato seeds to farmers in Al-Safia sub district, as part of the project of “Supporting the resilience of vulnerable HHs in the field of agricultural livelihoods and food security” in Ash-Shamayatayn District, Taiz Governorate.

The distribution of tomato seeds targeted 100 tomato producers, in addition to distributing 5 irrigation networks, which will be followed later by the distribution of fertilizers, traps, 3 tubes of Pheromone and two bottles of Neem for each beneficiary.

The activity will conclude with training 75 beneficiaries who will be selected from the 100 within three FFS, in which the trainees will receive scientific and practical expertise that qualifies them to grow tomatoes according to modern methods which will help increase production and marketing of tomatoes, in order to increase the income for productive HHs in a way that enhances the resilience of those HHs.