“Charity Bena” Pay The Dues Of 836 Sustained

The sponsorship administration of Bena Charity for Human Development inaugurated the dues payment for the sustained orphans for the second quarter of 2015 in Taiz province

Mr. Zid Alamery – the responsible of the sponsorships of Bena – said that the payments started in the rural districts ( Jabal Habashi, Almisrakh, Alma’afer, Almawaset and Alshamayatein) through field visits to those districts and then the city districts.
He cleared that the payment targeted the sustained people by Qatar Charity who are (Orphans – Vulnerable Families – Teachers – handicapped – Preachers) as the number of beneficiaries are 836 sustained with an amount of (28,202,725 YER). He added “ orphans’ needs have been distributed for 112 person, included food baskets and Eid presents and clothes according to the support offered by the sponsor.
Mr. Alamery has appraised on “Qatar Charity” for its permenant and distinct projects in all fields, hoping from Allah to compensate them with his blessings.
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