BCFHD concludes the training of 200 volunteer teachers in Salh District

Funded by YHF, BCFHD has concluded the training of 200 volunteer teachers in Salh District, Taiz Governorate, within the activities of the project “Improving access to safe education”.

Dr. Abdulkarem Shamsan, President of BCFHD, expressed his happiness at the conclusion of the training activity, and congratulated the volunteer teachers for this achievement, and urged them to apply what they took during the training program, thanking the project team and trainers who made efforts in the training process and the success of the program.

Zaid Al-Amery, the project manager, indicated that this activity is part of a number of activities targeting 5294 male and female students, and 200 male and female volunteer teachers in 13 schools in Salh District, Taiz Governorate, indicating that the trained teachers have acquired skills and modern teaching methods in case of emergency, which will have an impact in improving the level of learning for students and providing them with knowledge and information of using modern and advanced scientific methods.

In this regard, Mr. Ali Al-Kamali, one of the trainers, praised BCFHD for this training program as it resulted in these trained volunteer teachers filled a large gap in the educational field. He explained that the program focused on four training packages, Education in Case of Emergency, Active and Accelerated Learning, Protection from Covid 19, and Safe School Protocols, where the trainees were divided into 8 groups. he also expressed his admiration on the well-preparation of the program.

In the other hand, the trainees, thanked BCFHD for this generosity towards volunteer teachers, as it is the only organization that has worked in the field of training volunteer teachers, they pointed out that “We often use the word building on the basis of construction, and what many people do not know is that the real and optimal building is for the human being.”

At the conclusion of the training course, the project team distributed certificates of participation to the targeted teachers.