The Director of the Education Office in Taiz inaugurates the training program of 200 teachers in Salh District

Within the activities of the project “Improving access to safe education” which is funded by YHF and implemented by BCFHD, Mr. Abdul-Waseh Shaddad, Director General of Education Office in Taiz Governorate, has inaugurated the training program of 200 volunteer teachers in Salh District.

In his speech, Mr. Shaddad stressed the importance of this program as it meets the teacher’s need in acquiring learning methods and psychological support for students in the light of the current circumstances in the country. He also praised the efforts made by both the funder YHF, and the IP BCFHD in the educational aspect.

In the same context, Abdulaleem Aqlan, the Project Officer said that the training will take place within 8 days targeting 200 volunteer teachers (170 female and 30 male ) who were selected according to specific criteria from 13 schools, with the approval of the Education Office in the district and in coordination with the Education Office in the governorate.

He added that the training includes education in case of emergency, active learning, accelerated education, protection from Covid 19, and safe school protocols, indicating that the teachers will acquire skills and modern education methods and methods of psychological support in case of emergency, which will have a great impact in improving the level of students’ learning.

It is worth mentioning that the inauguration was attended by the Head of BCFHD, the Executive Director and a number of project employees.