BCFHD launches the Project of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) in Taiz Governorate

Funded by YHF, and within the framework of priority No. 3, BCFHD launched the project of ” Provision of comprehensive emergency and life-saving WASH assistance to the most vulnerable IDPs and host communities in Salh and Al-Mudhaffar districts in Taizz city) through the kick-off workshop of the project.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants, headed by the Office Directors of MoSAL, GHO, LWSC and the Executive Unit for the Displaced in Taiz Governorate.

Mutahar Al-Shamiri, the project manager, explained that this project targets 173,000 people in the districts of Salh and Mudhaffar in Taiz governorate. He added: the project targets many activities, including providing drinking water and monitoring water quality to 91 distribution points, Purchasing and installing water tanks, and maintaining and chlorination of 30 wells feeding water networks in the targeted districts.

He continued, In the field of sanitation and hygiene promotion; two main open sewage lines will be rehabilitated and connected to the nearest sanitation networks, and the blocked manholes will be cleaned and opened, in addition to the implementation of sweeping campaigns in the IDP sites.

The project will also implement the training of community volunteers on hygiene promotion messages, implement mass campaigns on epidemic control and prevention, in addition to distributing consumble hygiene kits (CHKs) and basic hygiene kits (BHKs).

Al-Shamiri confirmed that after the implementation of the activities, the projects will be handed over to the local authority in order to ensure their continuity, preservation and maintenance through close coordination from LWSC.

The workshop was also attended by the Deputy Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Taiz, representatives of the targeted districts (Salah and Mudhaffar), as well as the project team of the organization