BCFHD concludes training 55 volunteers and 22 health workers in Taiz city

Funded by ECHO and in partnership with IRC, BCFHD has concluded the training of 55 volunteers and 22 health workers within the activities of the project “Emergency response for epidemics of Cholera, COVID-19 and dengue fever in highly priority districts of Al Mudhaffar, Salh, Al Qahirah of Taiz Governorate”.
Mutahar Al-Shamiri, the project manager, said that 55 volunteers were trained to educate 17,000 beneficiaries in the three districts about the prevention of epidemics and viruses, adding that 22 health workers from the city’s hospitals were trained on how to act and take preventive measures when dealing with patients.
The conclusion of the training course was attended by Dr. Rajeh Al-Maliky, Director of the Health Office in Taiz governorate, and he valued the efforts made by BCFHD to reduce the spread of epidemics in the governorate.