BCFHD launches the distribution of 2,200 HKs in the districts of Al Mudhaffar district

Funded by ECHO and in partnership with IRC, BCFHD inaugurated the distribution of 2,200 HKs in Al-Mudhaffar district, as part of the activities of the project “Emergency responses for epidemics of Cholera, COVID-19 and dengue fever in highly priority districts of Al Mudhaffar, Salh, Al Qahirah of Taiz Governorate”.
Mutahar Al-Shamiri, the project manager, said that this activity is part of a series of activities as an emergency response to the most affected groups in the endemic and cholera-affected areas in the city.
He added that the distribution was carried out under the precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19. He also added that the distribution will continue in the coming days for Al Mudhaffar and Salh districts.