BCFHD launches the Spray fog campaign in the districts of Taiz city

Funded by ECHO and in partnership with IRC, BCFHD launched the Spray fog campaign in cooperation with the Health Office as part of the project intitled: ” Emergency responses for epidemics of Cholera, COVID-19 and dengue fever in highly priority districts of Al Mudhaffar, Salh, Al Qahirah of Taiz Governorate”.
Mutahar Al-Shamiri, the project manager, said that the campaign will last for 18 days, with 6 days in each district. He added that this activity is accompanied with a wide awareness campaign in the targeted districts to raise awareness of hygiene practices among families.
The inauguration was attended by key figures from local authority. One of the attendees were Dr. Rajeh Al Maliki, Director of the Health Office, who praised the efforts made by the BCFHD in the health sector in Taiz.