The UN delegation visits the sites of projects implemented by “BCFHD”

Within the field visits in Taiz, which are carried out by the UN delegation headed by Mr. “Renee”, Director of the (UN- OCHA), Aden-Taiz, the delegation visited the sites of projects implemented by BCFHD and  funded byYHF.

In the visit, in which a team from BCFHD accompanied them to inform them of the nature of the implemented projects, the first destination was to“Ali bin Abi Talib School,” IDPs site  in  Al-Mudhaffar District, where the UN team met some of the beneficiaries and those responsible for managing the site and examined the impact of the project’s activities carried out by BCFHD in the Site, and to know their impression of the aids provided to them.

Then the delegation went to the site of rehabilitating the sewage pumping station in Wadi Al Qadi – Al Mudhaffar District, where the project manager gave them an overview of the components of the project and the rehabilitation work that took place in it, indicating that the rehabilitation of the station targeting 50 thousand people after the station was completely stopped since 10.

In the same context,the delegation went to the “She’ab Salit Well site” in  Alqahirah  District, which was rehabilitated and operated through the installation of a solar energy system. The delegation was briefed on the implemented work and conducted an interview with the specialists in the Water and Sanitation Corporation(LWSC), as it is the owner of the projects, as LWSC reported receiving the project from BCFHD, after completing its rehabilitation, praises BCFHD efforts in implementing this activity, which targiting about 25,000 people

Al Misrakh district was the last destination for the visitins to see the project activities. They were briefed on the activity of installing a solar energy system to operate “Al Akdan” water  project by solar system and targeting the area with home awareness campaigns that lasted 3 months that accompanied the rehabilitation activity. Interviews were made with some beneficiaries of the project to know their impression and the level of their satisfaction with the assistance provided and the coordination efforts that took place between BCFHD and the relevant authorities. 

For its part, the delegation praised the efforts made by BCFHD in delivering aid to vulnerable groups, and expressed their satisfaction with the implementation of projects through interviews conducted with the beneficiaries and the relevant authorities that praised the role of BCFHD in terms of effective coordination with it to ensure the achievement of tangible results of the projects in providing humanitarian aid to groups The vulnerable population of the IDPS and the host community in the targeted districts.

It is worth mentioning that this visit was based on the coordination and follow-up of the projects implemented by BCFHD and funded by YHF.