BCFHD“concludes the distribution of student and teacher kits and hygiene kits.

Funded by YHF, BCFHD has concluded the distribution of students and a teachers’ kits in addition to schools’ hygiene kits within the project of   ” Access to Education in Al Wazi’iyah”

The project education Officer stated that these activities aim to create an appropriate educational environment in Al-Waziya District, encourage students to return to schools and relieve the financial burdens of their families.

He added, “9345 school kits were distributed benefited (9345) students from first grade to sixth grade basic and In 32 schools in all sub-districts of Al Wazi’iyah.”

In addition 525 teacher kits were distributed, of which (525) teachers benefited from all schools 1n the district.

In terms of ​​hygiene, 23 cleaning kits were distributed targeting 23 schools for each targeted school.

It is worth mentioning that the project included the restoration and rehabilitation of 25 schools, furnishing 9 schools with school seats with 557 double school seats, and installing 201 whiteboards with their accessories in 31 schools. The project also targeted training of 200 teachers on education in case of emergency and psychological support for students. In 32 schools in Al-Waziya District