The conclusion of the child protection and protection from mine training course for Education Cluster partners in Taiz

Today, Thursday, November 19, 2020, the training course in the field of “Child Protection and Protection from Mines” was concluded in Taiz City. The training is organized by the Education Cluster in coordination with BCFHD, mdf, and the Executive Center for Mine Action, which was held in the training hall at the building Charity “Taiz.

The course, which lasted for four days, included Several main axes;  protection mainstreaming, risk analysis, child protection policy, code of conduct, sexual harassment and bullying. The training course was attended by (25) participants representing several institutions (Partners of the Education Cluster). The training course presented and managed by the trainer “Naguib Sharaf” from the Ma’akum Development Foundation mdf.

While the section of mine protection held by  the trainer “Sanad Al-Yousifi” from the Executive Center for Mine Action in Taiz, included an overview of mines, the concept of awareness, their objectives and types, in addition to identifying the types of mines, devices, booby-traps and remnants of war, and identifying the effects of mines and war remnants, in addition to methods for identifying suspicious areas and their signs.