BCFHD arranges a Recreational day for the Deaf-mute

(BCFHD) arranged the Recreational Day for the Deaf-mute in Garden City Park, funding from the “Pure Hands” organization as An expression of its commitment to its community role in supporting people with special needs.

Suleiman Ali – Project Officer at BCFHD – stated that 91 Deaf-mute children (48 males, 43 females) participated in this day, which comes within the framework of the psychological support project, as this was welcomed by  the participants and brought joy to their hearts. Smiles were drawn on their lips, which leads to enhancing their sense of their Social status.

He added: The program contained entertainment activities and events. In addition to playing in the amusement park, pointing out that the day ended with the distribution of gifts and prizes to the participants.

Suleiman thanked and praised all the supervisors who contributed to the successful arrangement of this event.