BCFHD distributes 135 dustbins in Taiz

Funded by YHF, BCFHD distributed 135 dustbins in Al-Mudhaffar, Cairo, and Salaah districts in Taiz within the activities of the project of ” WASH basic services and facilities for IDPs and vulnerable people in hosting communities – rehabilitation and restoring – in high priority districts in Taiz”

The project manager, Mutahhar Al-Shumairi, stated that this activity comes within the framework of covering the Urgent need for the dustbins in Taiz due to the accumulation of waste and the lack of a large number of areas for dustbins that can be installed and lifted on the compressors for garbage trucks of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, and that this activity is a continuation of the activities of management Solid waste, which is represented by the transportation and removal of garbage, which lasted for five months from April to August 2020.

The  cleaning fund and BCFHD praised the awareness of citizens who contribute to preserving the environment by throwing waste into the dustbins in order to maintain the cleanliness of the city and reduce the burden on the cleaning workers during the lifting.