BCFHD concludes the training of 200 male and female teachers in Al-Waziya District

Funded by YHF, BCFHD has concluded training of 200 teachers in Al-Waziya on the basics of education in case of emergency and psychological support for students within the the project of”” Access to Education in Al Wazi’iyah”.

Riad Shamsan – Project Manager, expressed his happiness at the conclusion of the training activity for teachers, stressing the importance of this training as it is held for the first time for teachers in the targeted district, and it also meets the needs of the teachers to acquire learning methods and methods of psychological support for students under the current circumstances which the  country is going through.

In the same context, Abdel-Alam Aqlan – Education Officer – explained that the targeted teachers were selected according to specific criteria from all the districts’ schools, with the approval of the Education Office in the district and in coordination with the Education Office in the governorate.

He added: the teachers from 32 schools participated in the training during 10 days, as they were divided into 5 groups, each group received training for two days. He emphasized that more emphasis was placed on practical applications, noting that the training was carried out in 3 centers, including workshops, various activities and practical methods.

And he revealed the outcomes of the training, that  the teachers acquired modern teaching skills and methods and methods of psychological support in case of emergency, which will have a great impact on improving the students ’learning level and providing them with knowledge using modern and advanced scientific methods.

Professor Ali Dabwan – one of the trainers in the course, praised BDFHD for targeting Al Waziyah district in training male and female teachers in the current circumstances, as the district is scarce in implementing training programs.

Mr. Abdullah Qahtan Shamakh also talked about the methods used in training, as they included effective and intense methods, the most prominent of which are (individual work, cooperative work “two-group” and discussion, training games, in addition to the expert session and pictures, and a thinking-pair-share style. Use of group rotation techniques, brainstorming) and other methods.

On the other, the trainees – praised  this course, for targeting the teachers in Al-Wazi’iya District during the current circumstances, as the training course met the needs of the participants, which will have an impact on the target group of male and female students, as they  thanked BCFHD for its great efforts to improve education in Al Waziyah District, as well as thanked all the project team, headed by Professor Abdul Alam Aqlan, the Education Officer in the project, for his dedication to training and working in a sporting spirit.