BCFHD organizes an entertainment day for 230 orphans and their mothers

Funded by “Life org.” and in partnership with “Pure Hands org.”,  (BCFHD) concluded, the “Recreational Day for Orphans”,as part of its efforts aimed at supporting children in the psychological field due to the circumstance which  Yemen is going through.

Mr. Tariq Al Hammadi, Executive Director of BCFHD, expressed his thanks to Pure Hands and the Life Organizations  for their  generous financing of the project.

Mr. Suleiman Ali – Project Officer at BCFHD – explained that  this  day was welcomed by the participants from the children and mothers and brought joy to their hearts, drawing a smile on their faces .

Ammar Al-Samit, the Guarantees Officer at BCFHD, said that the “Recreational Day for Orphans” that BCFHD held in Garden City Park contained new and innovative entertainment activities and activities from the psychological support team.