The director of Al Wazi’iya directorate visits a teacher training center.

Monday, September 7, 2020, Mr. Ahmed Al-Dharafi, Director of Al-Waziya District, visited Al-Zahraa Center, one of the teacher training centers on the basics of education in case of emergency, which was implemented by BCFHD as part of “Access to Education in Al Wazi’iyah” project .

Al-Dharafi praised the pioneering educational projects implemented by BCFHD in the district, stressing that the local authority will spare no effort in overcoming the difficulties for BCFHD and other organizations to implement projects easily and easily for targeted  Beneficiaries

During his tour, he met male and female teachers, and praised the training activity as a basic complement to the rest of the project activities, saying Training is the most important part in the development of the educational process.