BCFHD launches teacher training course in Al Waziyah

Funded by YHF, BCFHD launched a training course for male and female teachers on the basics of education in case of emergency and psychological support for students, in the presence of Professor Ali Al-Zarafi, Director of the Education Office in the Directorate.

Abdel-Alam Aqlan – the project officer – explained that the project targets 200 male and female teachers who were selected according to specific criteria from all schools in the district, as part of “Access to Education in Al Wazi’iyah” project.

He added: We planned for the training to coincide with the start of the new academic year 2020/2021, as the training included a number of active activities and work groups.

It is worth mentioning  that the project distributed 557 double school seats during the past month, in addition to distributing 201 whiteboards with their supplies to all schools in the district.

The project also includes the restoration and rehabilitation of 25 schools currently underway, and the distribution of hygiene bags to the targeted schools, while it will later include the distribution of 9,345 school bags for students and 525 bags for male and female teachers.

The inauguration was attended by the Head of the Training and Rehabilitation Department and the Head of the Community Participation Section in the Education Office in Al-Wazi’iya.