BCFHD participates in the “Taiz Cleanup” meeting

BCFHD participated in the meeting with the Deputy Governor of Taiz, Mr. Aref Jamel, who discussed with the representatives of a number of international and local organizations their interventions in cleaning the city.
In Sunday, June 12, 2020 and in the presence of Mr. Abdullah Jassar, the Executive Director of the Fund, Aref Jamel discussed the interventions of BCFHD, CARE International and Mercy Corps, in the cleanliness of the city in coordination with the Cleanliness and Improvement Fund in the city.
For his part, the Executive Director of the Cleaning Fund, Abdullah Jassar, reviewed the fund’s plan for cleaning the city by dividing the city’s districts into boxes, explaining in the plan the needs for those boxes in terms of workers, equipment, supervisors, and others, according to a studied plan.
The agent Jamel stressed that the work should be done in an organized manner, away from randomness, and that these interventions include all neighborhoods and residential neighborhoods in the city completely, indicating that these interventions came simultaneously with the directions of the local authority leadership in the field of environmental rehabilitation, which should be integrated, in order to alleviate the suffering Citizens are showing the city aesthetically, free from disease and epidemics.
The provincial governor appreciated the efforts of BCFHD, CARE and Mercy Corps for their interventions in cleaning the city, stressing that the local authority will work to cooperate with them, facilitate their tasks and overcome the difficulties that may hinder the conduct of their work.
The meeting was attended by Deputy Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in the Governorate, Arafat Jamil, and Director of the Cleaning Project, Abdullah Al-Yousifi.