BCFHD starts renovating and rehabilitating schools in Al-Wazia’a district.

Funded by YHF BCFHD has started restoration and rehabilitation work for the targeted schools within the project of ” Access to Education in Al Wazi’iyah and Livelihoods for Highly Vulnerable Fishery Dependent Households in Al Mukha”).
Mr. Abdul-Alim Aklan – the project officer – explained that the restoration and rehabilitation started in Monday, 13 July 2020. The contractor started his work in the restoration and rehabilitation after the schools were delivered in the presence of the Director of the Education Office in Al-Wazi’ah district.
He added: The project targets 25 of the worst affected schools, which were identified in coordination with the local council and the education office Al-Wazi’ah . after signing an agreement of understanding with the local authority and the education office in the governorate.
Aklan indicated that the project will later include distributing school bags to more than 9,000 students, and distributing school benches, blackboards, school supplies and hygiene bags, in addition to distributing bags for teachers and training them.