BCFHD distributes double school seats to the schools of Al-Waziya District.

Funded by (YHF), BCFHD launched the distribution of school seats to the targeted schools within the project of” Access to Education in Al Wazi’iyah and Livelihoods for Highly Vulnerable Fishery Dependent Households in Al Mukha”.,

In coordination with the Directorate of Education, the head of the local council in the district presented the distribution.

Abdel-Alam Aqlan explained that the number of school seats that will be distributed is 557 double seats, for the benefit of 1114 students.

He added: This activity comes within a series of activities that the project contained, represented in the restoration and rehabilitation of schools, training of teachers, distribution of school bags for students and a teacher’s bag, distribution of blackboards and hygiene bags for targeted schools within the framework of Al-Waziya district.