Within the project of emergency response, BCFHD launches a training workshop for the Community volunteers in Taiz governorate.

Funded by the ECHOand in partnership with the IER, BCFHD launched a training workshop to train and build the capacity of 80 community and media volunteers to implement the awareness and health education activities within the project of “Emergency Response to Prevention of COVID19” in Taiz Governorate

The training comes within the multi-sector project plan, which also includes training 40 health workers in the targeted and nominated hospitals and providing the candidate facilities with cleaning materials, sterilizers, and personal protection allowances, as well as supplying Salh district 138 cubic meters per day for two months for 80 distribution points for drinking water. The distribution is accompanied by monitoring water quality, and 1,200 displaced HHs will be targeted at the sites of the displaced people in Taiz and Al-Maafir with health education and hygiene materials.

The project also includes providing incentives for 15 OF sanitation workers to ensure cleaning floating cesspits in the city’s districts and provide the necessary cleaning tools.