” BCFHD ” issues its 2019 Annual Report

BCFHD issued its 2019 annual report reviewing a full year harvest of projects and services in several humanitarian and development sectors.

Dr. Abdulkarem Shamsan, President of BCFHD, stated that the report reviewed the achievements of the organization during 2019 in six main sectors through which the organization was able to reach 40 districts in 5 Yemeni governorates in partnership with leading organizations in the fields of humanitarian work.

He added the report included a detailed statement of projects and activities in the sectors of Food Security, Education, Protection and Shelter, Water, Wash, Livelihoods besides other social projects.

Dr. Shamsan also indicated that “Education projects” have priority in BCFHD strategy because Education is the first step to solve all country problems and build communities and nations.

He noted that the Organization pays great attention to the Livelihoods program as this program helps targeted HHs to become productive ones. In addition to the livelihoods project which support the affected HHS with complete food security in eight districts, BCFHD implemented a vocational training and economic empowerment project for 200 women, which aims to empower women to have a profession that enables them to secure their income source that helps them support their families and achieves self-sufficiency.

He praised all the local, regional and international partner organizations that are supporting the humanitarian work in the country, on the top of them (YHF) as well as King Salman for Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KS relief), which has a great relief and humanitarian role in all countries of the  world, and has distinct marks in several  Arab and Islamic countries including Yemen.